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Vessel Safety Check

Vessel Safety Checks

Vessel Safety Checks performed by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary are a great way to ensure you have the proper safety equipment onboard.

After passing the vessel safety check your boat will be awarded a “Vessel Safety Check decal”

30-45 minutes on or off the water


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None scheduled at this time, but please contact us below to schedule with you.

Ramp “C” Henry Hagg Lake, Washington County
(5 miles South of Forest Grove)
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Cost: FREE

Flotilla 7-12 conducts during the boating season from 09:30 to Noon

What do we check for?

Want other dates and places for VSC’s?
Gary Davis
503.804.5662 or email

Vessel Safety Inspections can be performed in or out the water.

They are free and a decal will be handed out after passing the inspection successfully.


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